Ashes To Ashes (soundtrack)
Ashes to ashes duran
compilation album
Released 17 March 2008
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 24 tracks
Label Sony BMG
Producer various
reverse cover
Ashes to ashes back duran edited
album featuring Duran Duran

Ashes To Ashes (soundtrack) - series 1 is a 24-track compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released by Sony BMG Music Entertainment on 17 March 2008.

About the album Edit

The album is the soundtrack to series 1 of the British BBC TV series Ashes to Ashes, which was the sequel to Life on Mars. Series 1 comprised of eight programmes first broadcast from 7 February 2008 in the UK. The series tells the fictional story of Detective Inspector Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes), a police officer in service with London's Metropolitan Police. After being shot in 2008, Drake awakens in 1981 - 27 years in the past. The programme's plot is similar to that of its predecessor Life on Mars, which tells the story of Sam Tyler, a police officer who travels back in time with similar circumstances.

The soundtrack includes "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran. Also featured is David Bowie who Duran Duran toured America with in 1987 during his Glass Spider Tour. Ultravox's "Vienna" was co-written by Live Aid co-founder Midge Ure.

Track listing Edit

1321867 Edit

  1. "Introduction" - Dialogue by Alex Drake
  2. "Ashes To Ashes" - David Bowie
  3. "Fade To Grey" - Visage
  4. "Love Action" - The Human League
  5. "Girls on Film" - Duran Duran
  6. "Geno" - Dexy's Midnight Runners
  7. "Souvenir" - OMD
  8. "No More Heroes" - The Strangers
  9. "I Fought The Law" - The Clash
  10. "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thing" - Heaven 17
  11. "Interlude" - Dialogue: Your're Nicked
  12. "Gene Gene" - Edmund Butt
  13. "In Love With A German Film Star" - The Passions
  14. "Happy Birthday" - Altered Images
  15. "It's Different For Girls" - Joe Jackson
  16. "Money" - The Flying Lizards
  17. "Doors Of Your Heart" - The Beat
  18. "Staring At The Rude Boys" - The Ruts
  19. "Reward" - Tear Drop Explodes
  20. "Swords Of A Thousand Men" - Tenpole Tudor
  21. "Lets Stick Together" - Bryan Ferry
  22. "Vienna" - Ultravox
  23. "Title music from Ashes To Ashes" - Edmund Butt
  24. "Epilogue" - Dialogue Fandabydozy

Duran Duran personnel Edit

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