Arcadia: The Open Interview
The open interview12a arcadia
interview album
Released 1986
Recorded 1985
Genre Spoken word
Length 1 LP
Label Capitol Records
Producer Arcadia
cue sheet
Cue sheet arcadia duran duran

Arcadia: The Open Interview is a promotional only 12" vinyl record, released in Canada by Capitol Records during 1986.

About the album Edit

Issued in a Capitol Records company sleeve with a cue sheet, the album contains a radio show used for licence broadcast in Canada. The album features questions and answers with Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes about the Arcadia project.

Recordings from this album are also available on the unofficial Arcadia - The Singles Box Set.

Track listing Edit

Capitol SPRO-289 Edit

Side oneEdit

  1. The Open Interview

Side twoEdit

  1. The Open Interview


Arcadia are:

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