Altos de Chavon
DURAN DURAN Dominican Republic
unofficial live album
Venue Altos de Chavón, Casa de Campo
Dominican Republic Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg
Recorded 30 April 2011
Released 2011
Design Romanduran
Format CDr
Length 14 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
reverse cover
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Amphitheater at Altos de Chavón duran duran

Altos de Chavon is an unofficial Duran Duran live album, recorded during The All You Need Is Now Tour at the Altos de Chavón, Casa de Campo, La Romana in the Dominican Republic on 30 April 2011

About the albumEdit

The album is an incomplete recording of Duran Duran's performance at the Altos de Chavón, a 5,000 capacity amphitheater located inside a 1976 re-creation of a medieval European village.

Opening the show and warming up the crowd for Duran Duran was local Dominican band Ninecircus, who played a short set featuring many of their best songs; their first single "Don’t Sell Out" and the band's latest track "Beautiful Mistake" among others.

At about 10:00pm, almost exactly 10 years after their first performance in the Dominican Republic and Altos de Chavón, Duran Duran burst onto the stage and began their show with the exact same song they started the concert with a decade before; "Planet Earth", the band’s debut single released in 1981, which only reached no.12 on the UK Singles Chart – but has since become a Duran Duran classic.

Duran Duran thrilled the crowd of more than 4,000 fans with their most famous hits; "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Notorious", "Save A Prayer", "The Reflex", "Ordinary World", "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise", "Careless Memories", "The Wild Boys" and "Rio"; songs which had everyone up out of their seats and dancing. Revellers in the ‘Special Guest’ area during the second half of the concert used the area directly in front the stage as a dance floor, as if they were experiencing the concert in our own private nightclub.

As well as their most well known songs, Duran Duran demonstrated that for them time hasn’t stood still, playing a selection of their newest tracks from All You Need Is Now.

After more than 2 hours of non-stop energetic entertainment, for their encore performance, Duran Duran brought the concert to a close with "Come Undone", "A View to a Kill" and "Girls on Film".

The bootleg is incomplete, missing six songs from the setlist.

After the show Duran Duran took a few days break, before performing at the NRJ Energy Fashion Night show in Zürich, Switzerland on 7 May 2011.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Planet Earth"
  2. "Hungry Like the Wolf"
  3. "Is There Something I Should Know?"
  4. "Notorious"
  5. "Leave A Light On"
  6. "Save A Prayer"
  7. "The Reflex"
  8. "Ordinary World"
  9. "Girl Panic!"
  10. "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise"
  11. "The Wild Boys"
  12. "Come Undone"
  13. "A View to a Kill"
  14. "Girls on Film"


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  • Photos by Bracuta.
  • Thanks to Sonice.
  • Cover sleeve by Romanduran, 2011.
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