A Song For Europe
Roxy Music-Stranded
song by Roxy Music
Released 1 November 1973
Recorded 1973
Genre Rock
Length 5:46
Label Island, Polydor (UK)
Atco, Reprise (USA)
Producer Chris Thomas
Dave Gahan & John Taylor version
John Taylor & Dave Gahan - A song for Europe04:39

John Taylor & Dave Gahan - A song for Europe

cover song

"A Song For Europe" is a Roxy Music song, originally released on 1 November 1973, and later covered on Dream Home Heartaches in 1995 featuring John Taylor performing guitar.

About the songEdit

The song was written by Bryan Ferry and Andy Mackay of the British band Roxy Music, who originally released the track on their 1973 Stranded album. The track is an example of self-disciplined rock which includes Ferry on piano who also performs vocals with emotion, supported by an eerie, pained musical backing. Andy Mackay performs saxophone, with expressive guitar work by Phil Manzanera and dramatic drumming by Paul Thompson.

The song was covered by Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan with John Taylor performing bass on the Roxy Music tribute album Dream Home Heartaches, released in 1995 which Taylor also produced.

Other appearancesEdit



Roxy Music are:

  • Bryan Ferry - Vocals, piano
  • Phil Manzanera - Guitar
  • Andy Mackay - Saxophone
  • Paul Thompson - Drums


Here as I sit

At this empty cafe

Thinking of you

I remember

All those moments

Lost in wonder

That we'll never

Find again

Though the world

Is my oyster

It's only a shell

Full of memories

And here by the Seine

Notre-Dame casts

A long lonely shadow

Now - only sorrow

No tomorrow

There's no today for us

Nothing is there

For us to share

But yesterday

These cities may change

But there always remains

My obsession

Through silken waters

My gondola glides

And the bridge - it sighs ...

I remember

All those moments

Lost in wonder

That we'll never

Find again

There's no more time for us

Nothing is there

For us to share

But yesterdays

Ecce momenta

Illa mirabilia

Quae captabit

In aeternum


Modo dolores

Sunt in dies

Non est reliquum

Vero tantum



Tous ces moments

Perdus dans l`enchantement

Qui ne reviendront


Pas d'aujourd'hui pour nous

Pour nous il n'y a rien

A partager

Sauf le passe


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