Save A Prayer
56k feat. bejay save a prayer
single by 56K
Released 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 4 tracks
Label Kontor Records
Producer Point4
cover song

"Save A Prayer" is a single by 56K, released by Kontor Records in 2003.

About the singleEdit

The single is a cover version of Duran Duran's song by Ross Healy, a composer, sound designer and record label owner who has had an involvement in the Melbourne electronic scene since the early 1990s. He has released recordings under different names such as This Digital Ocean, Amnesia, Siko Spunji, Cray and 56K, covering many styles of electronic music.

The vocals was performed by Bejay, a singer from Birmingham who is currently based in Cyprus and has worked with producers including Colin Thurston.

Track listingEdit


  1. "Save A Prayer" - Radio Edit (3:37)
  2. "Save A Prayer" - LMC Mix (5:26)
  3. "Save A Prayer" - Nightwatchers Mix (8:07)
  4. "Save A Prayer" - Video (3:08)

Other appearancesEdit



  • Ross Healy


  • Bejay


  • Produced by Point 4
  • Track 2 remix and additional production by Lee Monteverde
  • Track 3 remix and additional production by Bob Cruise, Marek Erhardt, Stefan Grünwald
  • Recorded and mixed at Point4 Studios London
  • Track 2 additional remix and production for LMC Productions
  • Track 3 remixed at the Oh Yes Studio, Hamburg
  • Published by Gloucester Place Music / EMI Music Publishing Ltd
  • Licensed exclusively to Edel/Kontor Records from Point4 Records


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