5.30.98 EP
live EP
Released 1998
Recorded 30 May 1998
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 6 tracks
Label B5 Records
Producer(s) John Taylor
Dan Chase
reverse cover
5.30.98 john taylor duran duran duran
John Taylor Terroristen

5.30.98 is a John Taylor Terroristen 6-track live EP CD, released by B5 Records in 1998.

About the EP Edit

The EP was produced by Dan Chase and was John Taylor Terroristen's debut live recording. The CD was recorded at The Roxy in Hollywood (USA), on 30 May 1998 during The Baby Steps Tour.

The recording features a version of the song "Sin of the City", about the Happy Land Fire in New York (USA) during 1990 when 87 people were killed. The song was largely written by Taylor before it was recorded by Duran Duran for their 1993 album Duran Duran, and he performed it frequently during his solo shows.

Track listing Edit

B5 DOC - 16588-1 Edit

  1. "Hey Day"
  2. "Rio" / "Some Like It Hot"
  3. "Sin of the City"
  4. "Can You Deal With It?"
  5. "Just Another High"
  6. "Planet Earth" / "Good Times"

Personnel Edit