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John Taylor Feelings Are Good
song by John Taylor
Released 1997
Recorded 1997
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 1:57
Label DeMuzik Records / Revolver Records
Producer John Taylor
John Taylor

"2:03" is a John Taylor song, originally released on the Feelings Are Good And Other Lies album by DeMuzik Records in 1997.

About the songEdit

The song was written, sung and produced by John Taylor during a period when he was going through a divorce with Amanda de Cadenet and also struggling with drug abuse & alcoholism. The lyrics reflect these emotions.

Other appearancesEdit



Where is my god
the god that isn't here
the god that's only love
the god that's disappeared

Where is my god
the god that's everywhere
the god that looks so good
that god that's on the air

Where is my god
Where is my god

Where is my god
the god that lets me hear
the god that drives my car
the god that's in my ear

Where is my god
Where is my god
Where is my god
Where is my god

the god that's in her boots
the god that's in this food
the god that's only good

Where is my god

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