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Lovebox weekender london wikipedia festival mark ronson
Victoria Park in London wikipedia lovebox duran duran
Victoria Park lovebox duran duran
featuring Duran Duran

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl' featuring Duran Duran, Lovebox, Victoria Park, London, UK.

  1. "Circuit Breaker"
  2. "Bang Bang Bang" (with MNDR aka Amanda Warner, Spank Rock)
  3. "Just"
  4. "Lose It"
  5. "Ooh Wee"
  6. "The Bike Song" (with Kyle Falconer [The View])
  7. "Oh My God" (with Rose Elinor Dougall)
  8. "Start Stop Synchro"
  9. "Hey Boy"
  10. "California" (with Alex Greenwald [Phantom Planet])
  11. "Sparrow" (with Kyle Falconer [The View], MNDR aka Amanda Warner)
  12. "Record Collection" (with Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Nick Hodgson [Kaiser Chiefs])
  13. "Planet Earth" (with Duran Duran)
  14. "Valerie"
<< 2010 - 18 May: Frankfurt (Germany) 2010 - 28 September: Birmingham (UK) >>

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