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Timeline duran duran wikipedia discography archive collection MESSAGE BOARD PRO

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The Duran Duran Timeline
<< 1995 1996 1997 >>

Date Event
Jan ? Yasmin and Simon do phone interview on Chris Evans' Breakfast Show on Radio 1 (London, UK).
Jan ? Duran appears on VH-1's History of Rock Video
 ? The Dutch compilation album Het Beste Uit De Eeuwige 100 Deel 1 released, featuring Duran Duran.
 ? Metaphor by Patrick O'Hearn released, featuring Warren Cuccurullo.
Jan ? "Planet Earth" (live) acoustic recording is included on Dr. Martens: The Capitol Records Music Sampler.
Jan (Feb) Feelings Are Good And Other Lies is released, packaged in a cardboard gatefold with a picture of a crying girl on the cover.
Jan-Feb Andy works with Luke, Ben & Harry from Thunder in Spain writing tracks for their 5th album.
 ? The Medazzaland fanzine founded in the UK.
Jan 4 Neurotic Outsiders: The Rock, Tucson, AZ, USA.
Jan 5 Neurotic Outsiders: The Nile Theater, Phoenix, AZ, USA.
Jan 6 Neurotic Outsiders: Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA, USA.
Jan 7 Neurotic Outsiders: Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, USA (with two opening acts).
Jan 9 Neurotic Outsiders: The Boardwalk, Sacramento, CA, USA.
Jan 10 Neurotic Outsiders: DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA, USA.
Jan 12 Neurotic Outsiders: The Crocodile, Seattle, WA, USA.
Jan 13 Neurotic Outsiders: RKCNDY, Seattle, WA, USA.
Jan 14 Neurotic Outsiders: La Luna, Portland, OR, USA.
Jan 16 Neurotic Outsiders: 4th and B, San Diego, CA, USA.
Jan 17 Neurotic Outsiders: [venue?], Las Vegas, NV, USA'
Jan 25 Neurotic Outsiders's single "Angelina" released in Japan only; includes "Jerk", "Seattle Head", "Planet Earth", and "Spanish Ballroom".
Jan 29 Neurotic Outsiders: The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA, USA.
Feb 6 Neurotic Outsiders: Mazzotti's, Las Vegas, NV, USA.
Feb 8 Neurotic Outsiders: Mercury Cafe, Denver, CO, USA.
Feb 10 Neurotic Outsiders: The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA, USA.
Feb 11 Neurotic Outsiders: La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX, USA.
Feb 12 Neurotic Outsiders: Sneakers, San Antonio, TX, USA.
Feb 16 Neurotic Outsiders: Urban Art Bar, Houston, TX, USA.
Feb ? John's song "Down Again" released as a single in Japan, and used in a Japanese TV commercial.
Feb ? John meets Steve Fazio of Toronto-based DeRock Records (part of DeMuzik Entertainment Group), who agrees to distribute Feelings Are Good and Other Lies.
Mar ? DeRock Records distributes a new version of John's CD, released a jewel case with a photo of John on the cover.
Mar ? John records his vocal tracks ("Always Wrong", "Better Way" and "Feelings Are Good") for the Neurotic Outsiders album at The Plant.
Mar John buys a Harley Sportster.
Mar John and Hein continue working in the studio with assorted underground and unsigned acts on the Roxy Music tribute album.
Mar ZTV public access show moves from Los Angeles to Reno, Nevada, and is renamed ZTVideo Network.
Mar Warren does interviews with several Zappa and Duran-related websites and fanzines to promote Thanks 2 Frank.
Mar 26 Warren does AOL chat.
Mar 26 Warren's solo album Thanks 2 Frank released on Imago Records.
The Thanks 2 Frank Shows
With bassist Wes Wehmiller of the Los Angeles band I, Claudius and drummer Joe Travers.
Mar 26 Warren Cuccurullo: afternoon, HMV Record Store, New York, NY, USA.
45-minute show, followed by record signing.
Mar 26 Warren Cuccurullo: midnight, Under Acme, New York, NY, USA.
2-1/2 hour show.
Mar 27 John does an online chat on MSN.
Mar 28 Warren does Prodigy chat.
Mar 28 Warren Cuccurullo: Tower Records, Hollywood, CA, USA
45-minute show, followed by record signing; bootlegged
Mar 29 Warren does a Web/IRC chat at People Online.
Mar 29 Warren Cuccurullo: Velvet Room, Los Angeles, CA, USA (with guest Shankar).
Planned 2-1/2 hour show cut to 45 minutes following misunderstanding with club owner about noise curfew.
Apr 18 Chic: JT Super Producers Concert, Tokyo, Japan (with guests Simon Le Bon, Slash, Steve Winwood and Sister Sledge).
At this Chic reunion concert, Bernard Edwards struggles onstage.
bootlegged on JT Superproducers and released on Chic: Live At The Budokan
Apr 18 Late that night, Bernard Edwards dies of pneumonia in his sleep.
Apr Stunned by Bernard's death, the remaining members of Power Station decide to go ahead and finish the virtually completed album.
Apr John does an online chat on RockNet.
Apr ? A girl born to Andy and Tracey.
Apr 26 New Romantic: Die romantischen Pop-Hits der frühen 80er compilation released in Germany, featuring "Save A Prayer".
May 1? The B5 Records website (designed by Kapil Mathur) goes online; the company holds a launch party in the garage of the B5 studio in Burbank attended by John, Hein, Steve Jones, Bev Raff, Kapil, and the appropriate significant others; the servers are nearly swamped by the demand.
May 11 Warren Cuccurullo: Borderline, London, England.
With Nick Beggs and Steve Alexander.
May 15 John and Hein do an online chat on the B5 Records website.
May 22 The Best Hit USA released in Japan, featuring Duran Duran and the Power Station.
Jun 7 Warren Cuccurullo: Guitar Institute, Birmingham, England.
Jun 8 Warren Cuccurullo: Edward's #8, Birmingham, England.
Jun 25 Neurotic Outsiders: Borderline, London, England.
Jun 29 Warren Cuccurullo: Royal Albert Hall, London, England (opening for Joe Satriani).,
With Wes Wehmiller and Steve Alexander.
Jul 1 EMI does a test pressing of the Duran B-sides album.
Aug 2 The promo compilation The Album Network's Rock Tuneup: 153 released in the USA, featuring Neurotic Outsiders's "Jerk".
Aug 19 Off The Record Special: 96-34 broadcast in the USA, featuring Duran Duran and Neurotic Outsiders.
Sep Power Station's "She Can Rock It" is included on the Japanese promotional only album Monthly Power Picks: 1996 9-10.
Sep John falls ill through part of the Neurotic Outsiders tour.
Sep 5 Neurotic Outsiders: Webster Hall, New York, NY, USA.
Sep 6 Neurotic Outsiders: Mama Kin, Boston, MA, USA.
Sep 7 Neurotic Outsiders: Bayon Theater, Washington, DC, USA.
Sep John and Steve Jones interviewed on Toronto, Canada radio.
Sep 8 Neurotic Outsiders: The Warehouse, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Sep 9 Neurotic Outsiders interviewed on Rockline radio show; answer callers questions.
Sep 10 Neurotic Outsiders album released.
 ? "Jerk" is included on the compilation album Promo Anglo: 8 released in Mexico.
 ? The promotional only compilation album FMQB: CD Aircheck Volume 25 - Morning Sickness '96 released in the USA, featuring Neurotic Outsiders' "Angelina".
Sep 13 Neurotic Outsiders: The Sanctum, Detroit, MI, USA (with Fluffy).
Sep 14 Neurotic Outsiders: The Double Door, Chicago, IL, USA (with Wax Miranda and Fluffy).
Sep 15 Neurotic Outsiders: Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX, USA (with Caulk and Fluffy).
Sep 16 Neurotic Outsiders: Electric Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ, USA.
Sep 17 John and Steve Jones appear on Loveline radio show on KROQ (Los Angeles, CA).
Sep 18 Neurotic Outsiders do a record signing at Tower Records in Hollywood.
Sep 18 Neurotic Outsiders: The Viper Room, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Sep ? Neurotic Outsiders travel to Europe for short tour.
Sep 23 Neurotic Outsiders: Le Gibus, Paris, France.
Sep 24 Neurotic Outsiders: Incognito, Munich, Germany.
Sep 26 Neurotic Outsiders: Astoria 2, London, England.
bootlegged; Simon joins the band on stage at the end of the show.
Sep 27 Neurotic Outsiders: Logo, Hamburg, Germany.
Sep Neurotic Outsiders record appearances on several German TV shows.
Sep 28 Neurotic Outsiders: The Luxor, Cologne, Germany.
Oct German music channel VIVA airs a news report of Neurotic Outsiders concert at the Luxor; includes band interview and live clips of "Jerk" and "Good News".
 ? Simon has dental surgery, and is given the mind-altering sedative midazolam; his experience inspires the album title Medazzaland (and later Nick's lyrics to the song of the same name).
 ? John meets Gela Nash while attending a school function for his daughter Atlanta.
 ? Nick and Warren officially form TV Mania production company and LoFi Records label.
Oct 14 SYN Productions recording studio and video editing suite officially opens its doors in Tokyo.
Oct ? Simon records a cover of The Who's "Magic Bus" at SYN; released on the Japanese compilation Nescafe Excella: Sounds of Summer.
Oct 16-18 John films video for "Feelings Are Good" in New York City with director Johnny Boston.
autumn The Power Station's Living In Fear album finally released in Europe and Japan.
Oct-Nov Nick, Warren and Simon finally begin working again on the new album at the Privacy Studio, with Simon adding lyrics and vocals to tracks over a year old.
winter EMI: Promo Sampler - Winter '96 released in Germany, featuring the Power Station's "Life Forces".
Nov The promo sampler CD Cuts: November Issue No.96011 released in Japan.
The Power Station Living In Fear Tour
Nov 6 Power Station: Underground, Cologne, Germany.
Nov 9 Germany's VIVA news airs interviews with Andy Taylor and Robert Palmer, and live clips of "Murderess" and "Get It On (Bang a Gong)".
Nov 10 John does interview on KROQ radio in Los Angeles; discusses the new Power Station project and the B-sides release.
Nov Simon and Warren meet with Anthony in Boston; Simon records ending guitar chords for "Michael You've Got A Lot To Answer For".
Nov 19 John flies to Japan to do promo for Feelings Are Good And Other Lies.
Nov 21 Feelings Are Good And Other Lies released in Japan on Polycarbon Records.
Nov 21 John performs five acoustic songs at Tower Records in Shinjuku.
Nov 23 John performs another acoustic set at HMV Records in Yokohama.
Nov 24 John returns to Los Angeles.
Dec TV Mania produces the tracks "Studio 54" and "Pop Trash Movie" at The Hit Factory in New York for a Blondie's greatest hits project; Anthony J. Resta works with them.
Dec 1 Power Station: Venue ?, Osaka, Japan.
Dec 3 Power Station: Venue ?, Fukuoka, Japan.
Dec 5 Power Station: Venue ?, Nagoya, Japan.
bootlegged on Power Station: Nagoya 1996
Dec 7 Power Station: Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan.
Dec 9 Power Station: Nakona Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan.
Dec 11 Power Station: Kanagawa Kemnin Hall, Yokohama, Japan.
 ? The Blondie greatest hits project is later scrapped when Blondie begins working on new material for their No Exit album instead.
Dec Anthony J. Resta records the drums for "So Long Suicide" and "Who Do You Think You Are?" at his studio Bopnique Musique.
Dec Andy bumps into Simon in Tokyo, and they talk speculatively about John's idea of a reunion tour with two guitars (both Warren and Andy); but it's deemed impractical and the idea is dropped.
<< 1995 1996 1997 >>

Timeline duran duran wikipedia discography archive collection MESSAGE BOARD PRO

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