12 Maxi Tubes
12 Maxi Tubes duran duran
compilation album
Country France French flag
Catalogue no. 2609793
Label Pathé Marconi EMI
Format 2 x 12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
Length 12 tracks
Released 1986
Genre Pop, Dance
Producer various
featuring Arcadia

12 Maxi Tubes is a 2-LP vinyl compilation album featuring Arcadia, released in France by Pathé Marconi EMI during 1986.

About the albumEdit

The album is a collection of remixed and extended song versions by various artists. The compilation includes the Consensus Mix of Arcadia's debut single "Election Day", a track co-mixed by Ron Saint Germain.

Simple Minds is also included. The band featured drummer Mel Gaynor, who played with the support act John Adams during Duran Duran's Strange Behaviour Tour in 1987.

Track listingEdit


Side AEdit

  1. "Election Day" (Consensus Mix) - Arcadia (8:39) Mixed by Francois Kevorkian, Ron Saint Germain
  2. "Alive and Kicking" - Simple Minds (5:27) Produced by Bob Clearmountain, Jimmy Iovine
  3. "One of the Living" (Special Club Mix) - Tina Turner (7:35) Mixed by Steve Thompson, Michael Barbiero

Side BEdit

  1. "Maria Magdalena" - Sandra (7:13) Produced by Michael Cretu
  2. "Life's What You Make It" (Version Club) - Talk Talk (6:54) Engineered by Steve Cookman
  3. "Uncle Sam" (Ray Gun Mix) - Madness (6:43) Mixed by Michael Baauer

Side CEdit

  1. "Chain Reaction" - Diana Ross (6:52) Remixed by Francois Kevorkian, Ron Saint Germain
  2. "Round and Round" (Extended Version) - Jaki Graham (5:53) Produced by Derek Bramble
  3. "West End Girls" (Dance Mix) - Pet Shop Boys (6:31) Remixed by Frank Roszak

Side DEdit

  1. "Samurai (Did You Ever Dream)" (Version Longue) - Michael Cretu (7:01) Co-produced by Armand Volker
  2. "Que Te Quiero" (Dance Mix) - Katrina And The Waves (6:28) Remixed by Scott Litt
  3. "Secret" (Version Longue) - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (6:17) Produced by Stephen Hague

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