12 Inch Classics On CD
2 track CD
Country Canada Canada flag
Catalogue no. SP5-1531
Label Unidisc
Format CD
Length 2 tracks
Released 1993
Genre Pop
Producer various
featuring The Power Station

12 Inch Classics On CD: Glen Frey / The Power Station is a compilation CD, released in Canada by Unidisc during 1993.

About the CDEdit

This is part of the 12 Inch On CD series released by Unidisc, a Canadian disco and dance music record label founded in 1977 by Montreal DJ George Cucuzzella.

The CD features The Power Station's debut single "Some Like It Hot", paired with Glen Frey's 1984 single "The Heat Is On" from the movie Beverly Hills Cop.

The track time of "The Heat Is On" is 6:03, which is printed correctly on the reverve cover. The inlay and CD has the incorrect time printed as 3:45.

Track listingEdit


  1. "The Heat Is On" extended mix - Glen Frey (6:03)
  2. "Some Like It Hot" - Power Station (5:04)


  • EAN/UPC: 06838101531002

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